Final Analysis of EDU407

“Macbook Light Shift” by Milind Alvares

I learned a multitude of new techniques and a whole lot of new information from this class that I was not expecting to learn. I feel like I am tech-savvy, that I know how to work the internet, and that I am decent at basic Microsoft and Google applications. But when it comes to education and technology, there is so much that I did not know that I have learned.

Education in the modern world involves technology. Period. Students need to know how to navigate and master technological skills in schools. I have analyzed this role of technology in the classroom, and found that it has the ability and potential to enhance learning. The upcoming generation is technologically focused, and schools need to harbor those skills and interests into the classroom.

I have gotten the chance to participate in group activities through the various projects, book clubs, and discussions that we have had in this class. It was helpful and enriching to have these group encounters. Our ideas could flow together and we created greater projects than we could have if we were on our own. Additionally, we got practice for what it is going to be like for our students. They will be participating in group projects, similar to what we did, and now we know how it feels and the benefits of being involved.

“ by hackNY spring 2013 student hackathon”

Several projects that I completed taught me new technological tools. I did not know how to screencast before this class, and now I have that technological tool under my belt. I had never used Google forms or Google sites, and both of those tools that I now know how to use will be extremely important in my career as an educator. I have never had a blog before, and now I understand how to navigate and create a WordPress. Updating it every week has taught me habits of staying current with my mode of communication for my future classroom. I have never maintained a Youtube account before this class, and now I know how to update videos and share my links. I learned about copyright and how to use photos with proper credit, a skill that is very useful and relevant to this profession. Finally, I learned about several “cool tools”, technological utilities that I can use as an educator to better my classroom and my teaching.

“Meu primeiro blog!” by Walquiria Ribeiro Pereira

The culminating project of creating my own WebQuest has taught me skills that are very relevant and useful for my future classroom. I have subbed in a classroom where the teacher uses Google sites as a classroom website for students and parents, and she told me that it is very useful and it comes in handy for communicating information. I now know how to create my own website, and how to use it for a project. I wish as a younger student that my teacher had put projects online, so I could reference it often and have that extra clarity of roles, tasks, and assessment.

I have appreciated this class and everything that it had to teach me, and I know feel like a better and more well prepared future educator than I ever have before.

Final WebQuest:

Final Screencast:

(link is


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