Edtech Tool: sightwords.com

The tool I chose is “sightwords.com”, an all inclusive and free website that gives parents and teachers the power to teach their children how to read. This task has never been so easy with this tool, as it is straight forward, simple to understand, explained in a great way, and including many different methods of teaching. This tool gives a huge advantage in the world of education, and with a sleek and current design. It gives lessons (both videos and written), games, downloadable and printable flashcards, and more related to teaching sight words, a research proven method of teaching reading to young children. It also gives the same tools to teach and explain phonemic awareness, another important part of learning to read (teaching tips, curriculum, teaching syllables, and more).

"11 Words" by  Susana Fernandez
“11 Words” by Susana Fernandez

The fact that it is an online tool is another huge advantage. Parents and teachers are increasingly using online tools to look up ways to help their children in various ways. What should my infant be eating? Is it normal for a 2 year old to throw tantrums? Is my 3rd grader supposed to be sleeping 10 hours a day? And finally, a very commonly searched item related to sightwords.com-how do I teach my child how to read?

"A Child Reading" by AVIXimagry
“A Child Reading” by AVIXimagry

A possible pitfall of this edtech tool is that it is not very well known. I had to Google edtech tools to find it, and it was a link off of another website. It is possible that parents will not be able to find it easily, which would limit its’ potential. I think that it will be around in 10 years, but that it will be even more current and more used. I think the more the word gets out about it, the more popular it will be. I think that there is room for improvement, mainly in the games section. One thing that I like about it so much is that the games they list are for parents and teachers to play with their children in real life, not online. However, I think that if they had both options there and added online gaming options to teach reading, that it would skyrocket in popularity. The lack of online gaming is another possible pitfall.

"Computer Fun" by immsm
“Computer Fun” by immsm

On a personal level, I will remember this edtech tool for sure when I have children. I will be able to look here for inspiration for games, for clarification if I myself get confused about a concept, for curriculum to use for them or in my classroom, and more. I love this option that sightwords.com gives to parents and teachers, and all for free. You can’t get much better.


One thought on “Edtech Tool: sightwords.com

  1. Great job on your blog! I am highly interested in using sightwords.com. I was not aware of a website like this one. I will try it this week and look around to see of its beneficial for my students and its FREE! I an always looking for great tools for my students and I am willing try something new. Parents will love this website and its easy for teachers to recommend to parents to use it at home to improve reading skills. Thank you for the new information and images you provided.


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