Cloud Collaboration

"Clouds" by Bahman Farzad
“Clouds” by Bahman Farzad

How “cloudware” actually works confuses me. I don’t get how the information is stored “in the cloud” and we can access it from anywhere anytime. I appreciate this technology, and I use it every day, but it does not make sense to my brain. Techopedia explains the definition of cloudware more if you need help understanding it like I do, and it gives me more of an idea of how it works. Students and teachers alike can work with files over the cloud, giving schools limitless skies to create and store knowledge. An extremely important benefit to this is the collaboration students can have over the cloud.

In college, I encountered many projects that required assignments to be group papers and group presentations. The best way to do that is to use Google slides/Google docs. It was so easy to just make a new document, invite your partners to edit, and then work from your own computer on the same document at the same time as your group. There are so many benefits to the Google drive programs. This was simple, free, convenient, easy to figure out, and loved by all group members.

"Collaboration" by Venessa Miemis, designed by gavinkeech
“Collaboration” by Venessa Miemis, designed by gavinkeech

That is an example of my own experiences with Cloudware- and the cloud is only getting more and more advanced. Collaboration is so important for teachers to incorporate, and our ever advancing technological generation needs the cloud to continue to learn how to work together. Businesses also benefit reap great profits by collaborating over the cloud, as surveyed by Forbes. For classrooms, the impact that cloudware has is monumental. It creates a space to work together-online. It pushes students to navigate technology. It motivates students to want to learn more, because of the technology that they get to use. It allows students to work with other students or professionals across the country, and even across the world. This broadens the perspective of the world, all because of this technology we have though online storage abilities. The cloud has given us opportunities that have had a huge impact on classrooms as I have seen, and that will continue to do the same for years to come.



One thought on “Cloud Collaboration

  1. Alexis, I appreciated how you used embedding in order to add depth to your blog post. I appreciated the definition from Techopedia. It explained what Cloudware is and how it assists us in our everyday life. Interestingly, I’ve been using Cloudware for many years but didn’t realize the term encompasses so many different programs. As a teacher I love Dropbox because I can save documents, files, and pictures from my classroom and access them from home with a different device. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, one drawback to Cloudware is the storage capacity. Popular Cloudware companies offer you free plans but the storage amount is often low. However, I’d rather pay a few dollars so I may access my information from anywhere.
    I also enjoyed your point about Cloudware and how it pushes students and educators farther than they think they can go. Through this course I’ve sighed many times as I’ve read what is required during the week. That being said, after we progress through the projects with our team, I find myself enjoying them immensely. The collaboration, critical thinking, and encouragement you have with a group of colleagues is truly beneficial. You not only push yourself harder, you also find the potential in others. Thank you helping me see the true benefits of Cloudware.


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