About Me

My name is Alexis Wilson and I am currently seeking my multiple subject teaching credential. I have my BA degree in Child and Adolescent Development from Point Loma Nazarene University. My passion in life is working with and helping children, and I know through my career as a teacher that I can accomplish that. I have always been a school person, and I love to learn. I want to translate that value on to the next generation, so that school becomes an exciting place to be rather than a burden. My past experiences and internships include an assistant in a parent education preschool classroom, an intern in a social-emotional charter school, creating an undergraduate research project involving parent education, and many classes where I have had field experience with children of all ages (infants, preschoolers, special education, school aged, and adolescents). I could not be more excited to continue my education in my current credential program. I used to play school as a little girl, and now that childhood dream is becoming a reality for me.

I have grown up in Ventura, and I am back after college to continue my education and career locally. In my spare time, I love reading, going to the beach, babysitting my nieces and nephews, going to Disneyland, going on new adventures with friends, hiking, getting coffee, and more. I am also currently planning a wedding, and that is an exciting time in my future (next May I will become Mrs.Gray)!

One of my favorite places, Hume LakeMy little niece, EllaGraduation!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your blog is very inspiring, and as a parent and someone who values education, I appreciate your enthusiasm and zeal in wanting to make a personal impact in the classroom for future generations. Thank you! We need more people like you in our schools. Looking forward to working with you.


  2. Hello, nice to meet you. I visit ventura all the time. I love it there, the weather and the food is amazing. I like to go camping and spend time with my family and friends when I visit. Having to plan a wedding must be exciting and stressful but I wish the best of luck and a lot of patience. Have a great holiday weekend.


  3. Hi Alexis,
    What an amazing journey you have had thus far. You’ve certainly been able to make an amazing footprint in education in many ways. It’s always nice to meet a fellow Disney fan. Congratulations on your future wedding. I look forward to working with you this semester.


  4. I wish I had the patience for elementary school kids. I applaud your hard work toward achieving this goal. Being a fun and free person is a great way to be an effective elementary school teacher and is seems like you will amazing. Also, I love disney too and you can never be to old for it : )


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